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Video: Senator Simmons Home Rule Hypocrisy

For many years Republicans claimed “government closer to the people is the best government of all.” But today’s power grabbing, self-entitled Florida Republican legislative majority think the best government is the one they control. Watch Senator David Simmons, long considered a reasonable moderate when compared to many of his GOP colleagues discuss the need for […]

How Will Rick Scott’s Lurch To The Middle Impact the GOP Sense of Entitlement & Unity?

This week one by one the other members of the Florida Cabinet voiced displeasure with Rick Scott’s decision regarding Medicaid expansion. While Scott clearly can read public opinion polls and seems to have taken some steps to reinvent himself following a poor elections cycle for core Republican issues (best evidenced by the failure of ideologically […]

Pam Bondi: The Partisan Attorney General Conservatives Long Dreamed About

This week Attorney General Pam Bondi furthered her right-wing credentials by attacking Governor Scott’s willingness to enroll Florida in Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Bondi’s action continues a long standing pattern of partisan and ideological purity which may not serve the best interest of Floridians but has the most reactionary conservatives all over […]