Kartik Krishnaiyer

Kartik-KrishnaiyerKartik Krishnaiyer began his political involvement as President of the University of Florida College Democrats in the mid 1990s.  Beginning in 1998, Krishnaiyer worked in Government and Public Relations for a decade. His work included several notable political campaigns, consulting for nonprofits and advocacy organizations as well as advising numerous elected officials and Governmental agencies. Before becoming a consultant, he served as a staffer in the Florida House of Representatives and as Political Director of multiple organizations, and campaigns. He was heavily involved in the 2000 Presidential recount in Palm Beach County on behalf of the Palm Beach Democratic Party and the 2002 Legislative Redistricting in Florida. He served as the Statewide field coordinator for the Florida Democratic Party working via the DEC Chairs Association during the 2002 Election cycle. He ran several local campaigns in the 2002 and 2004 election cycle primarily in Palm Beach County but also in Central Florida and Broward County. In 2006, Krishnaiyer worked with several winning candidates for state legislature in a watershed year for Democrats. Krishnaiyer worked in soccer from 2007  to 2013 and after a sabbatical he returned to politics in 2012 writing for the Political Hurricane and in 2013 founded the Florida Squeeze. He currently serves as the Managing Editor and podcast co-host for World Soccer Talk, an international soccer blog and is the author of  Blue with Envy a book about Manchester City Football Club.

Read Kartik’s articles here.

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  1. […] not all progressives are lining up behind the Orlando firebrand. Keith enjoys the support of Florida Squeeze blogger Kartik Krishnaiyer, for example. When asked if she gets upset about stories that mention only Murphy and Grayson as […]


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