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October 15 Nowcast Video: Is it too early to say Blue Wave in Florida?

Florida Nowcast Video: October 12

Democrats can flip ten counties!

October 10 Florida Election Nowcast video: Democrats continue to roll

Democrats continue to pad an impressive vote-by-mail margin.

Florida Election Nowcast: October 6

October 6 – Another great day for Democrats. Democrats dominating in Florida right now.

Florida Election Nowcast: October 5

Today we debut a new feature. The Florida Election Nowcast with Dave Trotter. The latest analysis of Florida’s vote-by-mail situation dominates today’s discussion. Enjoy!

The Vent: Episode 1 – Progressives need to wake up to the reality of 2020

We debut a new weekly podcast, The Vent. In this episode, Dave and Kartik talk about the progressive movement in the United States after the defeat of Bern. The podcast will focus on Florida voting, US politics and foreign affairs. This week, we focus broadly on the progressive movement. The podcast features discussions on the […]

Florida's Turnpike and Toll Roads in Central Florida

When the Turnpike was originally proposed in he late 1940’s the road was supposed to travel thirty five miles east of Orlando. Thomas B. Manuel, a Broward County Commissioner and chair of the Turnpike Commission sought to link southeast Florida with the First Coast destinations of Jacksonville and St Augustine. Speaker of the House Farris […]

How MSNBC and CNN are helping spread Russian disinformation

Des Moines Precinct 14. This precinct has become synonymous with the problems that occurred in Iowa a couple of weeks ago. Elizabeth Warren, receiving 19 votes less than Bernie Sanders, wins one more state delegate in the precinct. And yes, the Iowa Democratic Party have called the results official, and these errors have helped determined […]

By Kathryine Gypson (VOA News) -, Public Domain, zd g dzgggg

Bloomberg doesn’t expand the electorate for Democrats. He shrinks it.

Over the last four years, this simple question has been overlooked. Yes, many political pundits and consultants pontificate as to which candidate for president is “electable”, but they rarely ask this question within that context. Additionally, when asked this questions, many pundits and consultants stay within their silos, and only look at possible upward mobility, […]

Don’t judge Sanders chances by Corbyn’s failure

After the recent election in the United Kingdom, the expected reaction from American political pundits (who are amateurs at British politics, at best), gave us an he extremely predictive response to the election. That response; Sanders is Corbyn, Trump is Johnson, Johnson won, therefore Sanders can’t beat Trump. Of course, this is an absolutely ridiculous […]