Good riddance, Gwen Graham – a sure-fire loser in November is retired by the Democrats. Now let’s retire her handlers

I have a confession to make. I was going to have a hard time voting for Gwen Graham in November – regular readers of this site know this. I feel bad for Graham in a way – I’m not sure she was ever left to her own devices in this campaign – a badly bungled effort with the usual lack of imagination that characterizes establishment Democratic campaigns in Florida.

Despite my opposition to Graham, in the last few weeks, I made a conscious decision not to support Andrew Gillum, the candidate that most aligns with my world view because of ethical questions, which I am afraid will persist into the November election. I’ve been told by multiple activists since my story was published that I was conned and that these charges have been trumped up by Graham supporters in the media – I don’t personally think this is the case because the reporting appears solid, but if it is, it is possible these issues will now disappear.

But back to Graham – her defeat tonight is a great break for Democrats – a break with the past and an opportunity to win this year and into the future. Graham was a sure fire loser – a repeat performer of the Bill McBride/Alex Sink-styled consultant-driven candidate whose sole purpose is to allow political insiders to continue feeding at the trough.

Graham’s unimaginatively, play-it-safe campaign was reminiscent of previous failed efforts by Democrats – Bill McBride, Alex Sink and most recently Hillary Clinton. Nominate a centrist to run against a conservative and see the conservative win – Florida Democratic voters said no finally to this style of politics long practiced by Tallahassee insiders by rejecting Graham’s candidacy decisively.  The party establishment’s overwhelming choice got just over 30% of the vote statewide, an embarrassing number given the amount of machinery activated on her behalf.

The team behind Graham was made up of political insiders who have profited off of Democratic misery and some even off Republican control of the legislature. This class of smarter than you Democratic operatives are now going to be looking to find ways to spin defeat and maintain control of the party’s processes.  It’s imperative progressives and the close to 70% of Democrats who voted against Gwen Graham work to ensure the way the party is structured and the people who pull the strings changes forever.

Graham was a sure loser in November, likely by the same margin Alex Sink and Charlie Crist lost by. Andrew Gillum might lose also, but at least it’s something different.

Tonight is a start in moving in another direction.


  1. I think the same can be said for Levine as well. He had some insiders, like Christian Ulvert, working his campaign. Today was a defeat for the consultant class in Florida.

    I don’t think that Gillum will accept the consultants…I sure hope he does not.


    1. This is laughable. His general consultant worked for the party forever. Some people are just naive, I guess.


      1. I agree on that. Gillum was surrounded by some very failed estabishment folks. Let’s see how they handle the GE.


      2. I didn’t say that he didn’t have any, I just said that I hope he doesn’t accept the ones out of work. Yes, some people are naive.


    2. Florida Dem · ·

      His chief advisor is Scott Arceneaux. The poster child of corruption. He has been the puppeteer of nickle and dime Florida consultants for more than a decade.


  2. Concerned Democrat · ·

    Even though I am personally aligned with Andrew Gillum as well in my personal views, I’m afraid that his lack of ethics and the pending FBI investigation into all the Tallahassee shenanigans with the swamp of lobbyists will doom the Democrats as the Republicans will continue their crash and burn operation and destroy Andrew Gilliam and continue their 20 year dominance of power in Florida.

    Let’s not forget “it’s the economy stupid” and that’s what the Republican sounding beat will be. And just as rabid and blind as the Bernie supporters are, the Trumpsters are just as rabid and crazy to support DeSantis. As flawed as Gwen Graham was she was our only hope to draw those moderate middle class uneducated (and a few educated) “white” voters in the middle that decide elections….and who do you think those white voters are going to vote for?


  3. Michael Carr · ·

    You’re no progressive, you’re no leader, you should be embarrassed to show up here with your pontificating knots of logical twists and turns. I came here to listen to learn to see who was being endorsed and why. Your last statement was you couldn’t endorse ANY of the candidates for governor!!!

    Well the People have decided and I’m glad I sided with them. I’m ready for any battle the GOP has in place or cooks up between now and November. Republicans would really be opening their rear end wide to attack Gillum on any sort of corruption with their recent track record. Now it’s simple, you either stand with strengthening Medicare, medicaid, social security, a woman’s right to choose, immigration, wages, etc., etc., etc., or you vote to slash and burn these things.

    I’m betting that the people are damned tired of having these things threatened and the GOP will lose up and down the ballot in November.

    Courage y’all, courage!


  4. Patrick J. Fowler · ·

    You did a courageous thing in putting your conclusions about the governors race out for public assessment. I am an old socialist and could not find a convincing case for any of the Democrat candidates. I lived in southeast Florida for many years and have now lived in Tallahassee for many as well, bastions of liberalism both.

    First, let me say that the mayor’s position in Tallahassee may be a bit misleading. It is a bully pulpit but actually has no real administrative authority. There is a city administrator who actually does run the city services. When I was a kid there were people we called tough around the mouth. They were those who talked tough but didn’t show up when called for. Gillum is left around the mouth. Check the record.

    That said, we need a Democrat in the state house. Go Andrew.

    Don’t let the liberal bastards grind you down. It’s interesting to watch how liberalism has become the new puritanism. We need clear eyed analysis. You and I may not always agree, but I respect your opinion because it is experienced and considered.

    Never give up.
    Pat Fowler


  5. Kartik, Even YOU wont name names… aye. I know.


  6. Gillum was not a person of interest in the invrstigation n was cleared of any involvement. Move forward to his accomplishments n experience please!


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