What we’re listening to: Russia expert Mark Ames on Unauthorized Disclosure

Mark Ames is uniquely qualified to discuss the “unending baffling frenzy over Trump, Putin, and Russia.”

Along with Matt Taibbi, Ames published a satirical magazine in Russia that was shut down by Putin. Their publication, The Exile, provided satire and investigative journalism throughout the fall of the Soviet Union.

In this podcast he shares his insight on our complicated relationship with Russia, and where that might be leading in the context of the current political moment.

What’s up with the liberal attitude toward Russia? Are we heading into a new Cold War? Is any of this real? Listen to find out.

Click here to listen or download on Shadowproof. Also check out more extensive biographical information on Ames. You can (and should) subscribe to the Unauthorized Disclosure podcast on iTunes.

Here’s the episode, below.

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