Florida’s media has wised up to Marco Rubio

After years of coddling Marco Rubio and enabling his rise from volunteer on a Congressional campaign fresh out of college in 1992 to becoming Florida House Speaker in 2006 to his election as US Senator in 2010. Many in the press corp in this state gave Rubio a pass as he used representation of Florida from 2011-2016 to push his neoconservative agenda  and his own personal ambitions while compiling a record of absenteeism and indifference in the US Senate.

However in the fall of 2016, Florida’s leading newspapers and political journalists have wised up to the Rubio charade. Editorial boards across the state of Florida at the most influential newspapers have rejected Marco Rubio’s brand of deceitful non-representation of our state.  The Tampa Bay Times, Florida’s paper of record with the state’s largest circulation had some key points in the newspaper’s editorial endorsing Patrick Murphy:

Floridians concerned about access to health care, the economy and Cuba policy would be far better represented in the Senate by Democrat Patrick Murphy than by Republican incumbent Marco Rubio, who would continue to be an obstructionist.

“Floridians concerned about access to health care, the economy and Cuba policy would be far better represented in the Senate by Democrat Patrick Murphy than by Republican incumbent Marco Rubio, who would continue to be an obstructionist.”
“When they looked toward the future, it became even more obvious that Murphy remains the much better choice in a Senate race that appears to have tightened.”
“Rubio, considered the bright young face of the Republican Party until he flamed out in the presidential primary, remained stuck in reverse during Wednesday night’s debate. On virtually every substantive issue, the incumbent clung to the failed conservative policies of the past and offered no hope he would be part of a Senate that would work with a new president who appears more likely to be Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump.”
“The differences between the Senate candidates are just as stark on other issues that did not come up in the debate. Murphy supports abortion rights; Rubio opposes them even in cases of rape and incest — an extreme position. Murphy supports closing the gun show loophole and other reasonable measures; Rubio opposes them. Murphy supports comprehensive immigration reform that includes tougher border controls and a path to citizenship; Rubio abandoned a similar plan that he helped craft.” \
“Murphy’s most effective attack may have been to keep wrapping Rubio’s support of Trump around the Republican’s neck. Rubio joked about Murphy’s persistence, but he cannot run away from his refusal to withdraw his support from a Republican nominee who is unfit to be president.”
“Election day is 11 days away, and a lot can happen. Rubio tried to strike a reassuring note at the end of the debate, acknowledging the bitter election season and saying, “We’re going to be okay.” He’s right — but Floridians would be better off if Murphy replaced Rubio in the Senate as an ally of the likely next president.”
The Orlando Sentinel made similar points a few weeks ago in endorsing Murphy:
“Until now, we have never missed an opportunity to recommend Marco Rubio to voters.”
“[Murphy] also has earned a good reputation for constituent service, a responsibility that looms even more important for a senator who would represent 20 million people.”
“So if Rubio is re-elected to the Senate, and decides to pivot for another run for the White House in a couple of years, Floridians won’t be getting the full attention that they expect and deserve. They also are more likely to see him do things, like retreating on immigration reform, that make more sense for a GOP presidential candidate than a sitting Florida senator.”

Rubio has also lost the endorsement of The Miami Herald his hometown paper and the South Florida Sun Sentinel . Both decisions were mildly surprising given the history of both paper’s editorials and Rubio’s local ties.

Florida’s media has done its job this election cycle with calling out Marco Rubio terrible record of advocacy for our state and its citizens. Let’s hope the voters heed this advice.


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