SkyRise Miami moving forward


Photo source: Berkowitz Development Group

Miami’s already obscene skyline appears poised to become even more unbearable. The nine tallest buildings in the State of Florida are already contained in the few square miles between Interstate 395 to the north and Coral Way to the south, mostly along Brickell Avenue and Biscayne Blvd.

CNBC has a report on the SkyRise Miami development which caught my eye. The development resembles something you’d see in Dubai or Singapore more than in a major American downtown. I followed the proceedings on this structure more closely when the FAA raised objections to its construction as the flight path in/out Miami International Airport from the south runway takes planes close to where the building would be located.

However, since the campaign kicked into full gear, I lost track of this project which appears to be going forward. Interestingly much of the funding may come from investment under the controversial EB-5 visa program.
A video report from CNBC is embedded below:


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  1. How obscene.


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