Monday Musings: Elections cannot come soon enough, Democrats really in bad shape in House races?

Less than a month is left. Campaigns are in full swing, the rest of the money has been divided up, the victory parties are being planned. The constant bombardment of notifications is wearing upon all of us – to vote by mail, to give more money, to drag a friend to the polls. Unity rallies, canvassers, and constant phone calls. Most everyone is ready for it all to be over. While the cable news shows are all abuzz about the Senate and the local news is completely focused on the Governor’s race, there are many more important ballot initiatives, local races, and amendments that are not getting enough attention. While the majority of the races have already been decided by field work and campaign contributions, the handful of competitive races are just enough to keep us interested. But man, I am so ready for it to be over. November 4th cannot come soon enough!  –   KB@BurnettKaty 

Last week reports surfaced that the Democrats could lose as many as eight to ten State House  seats. This is improbable to say the least. While this election cycle is proving difficult for Democrats across the country, and the seeming desire of some in the minority party to see seats lost for internal caucus purposes is both worrying and distasteful, the majority of perceived vulnerable House Democrats are running solidly. The only sitting Democrat in the House I would say is running below expectations currently is Rep. Mark Danish, and he still has enough time to turn around his campaign against former Rep. Shawn Harrison. Also of note is the strength of Daisy Baez who is the Democratic challenger to the ethically challenged Erik Fresen in HD-114.   – KK @kkfla737

After the piece I did about the Attorney General’s race, I received quite a bit of mail about the Libertarian candidate, Bill Wohlsifer. And to answer everyone’s question, yes, I am aware he is running. However, as I stated in my reply to Bill (who did in fact email me himself to make sure I was aware he was running), I have very mixed feelings about his candidacy. The problem with third party candidates is that their biggest issue is always the two-party system – their entire existence revolves around reforming our system of government. And that is a worthy goal and our system no-doubt needs reform and we do constantly need more options. But I have a hard time with this being the #1 issue that needs to be addressed. With so many issues facing Florida, I hardly think that sending someone in who has absolutely no experience in government is the answer. While I appreciate the need to draw attention to this issue, the better way to build legitimacy for a third party is to make a coalition and start local. State government in not something that you can walk into and change easily and while people should be involved, experience also matters. — KB@BurnettKaty 


  1. OrlandoChris · · Reply

    Crist is not a democrat, he is a republican in a republican scheme and we (not me) are being played as fools. Don’t be a part of the biggest con in Florida history folks. Realize the only wise choice we have is supporting and voting for Adrian Wyllie, at least until the next election. You can not use the excuse that you didn’t know or haven’t been warned.


  2. Do we have to have this nonsense every day? What part of “two party” system don’t you understand?


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