Budget Pre K-12 numbers reduced

Last night at 8:35pm Tallahassee time the House and Senate agreed to a compromise budget for FY 2014-15. While the budget has lots of good points one particular issue is worrying. This issue is that the funding for Pre K-12 education is lower in the conference report than in both the initial House and Senate budgets.

The final Pre K -12 numbers are above Governor Scott’s recommendation but below that of each chambers individual budgets that were passed four weeks ago. The final budget is $32 million above the Governor’s plan, $154 million below the initial House passed budget and $48 million below the Senate’s blueprint.

Despite increasing revenues this year, the compromise budget did not meet initial targets in Pre K -12 numbers. However, in several other areas the final budget is quite generous. Despite this, the reduction in Pre K-12 funding is disappointing from where we sit.


  1. Well, looks like Rick Scott wins this battle. Thus, he gives Democrats another campaign issue.


  2. We have Democrats in house and senate sure to vote for this budget which fails to address Medicaid.

    To many of us that is unacceptable. I’ve also noticed this site has avoided that issue instead focusing on the usual hot buttons of vouchers, abortion, and education funding.

    You are doing a disservice to the readers by skipping the Medicaid debate.


    1. Barbie · ·

      Which member introduced a bill this year to accept the money and expand Medicaid? Not any Dem I know of. So what is your point?


  3. I agree on the medicaid issue.

    But what you must realize about this site and this writer is that he is aligned with the group of Democrats in the caucus who are against Medicaid expansion.

    Since those are his allies, you will not see any such coverage here unless another writer decides to take it on. But who knows, since Krishnaiyer acts like a dictator with comments he may be the same with articles preventing it from being written by the other writers.


    1. Every Democrat in the House to my knowledge supports Medicaid expansion. Voting for or against the budget does not determine whether someone is for or against expanding Medicaid. It literally has nothing to do with it.


      1. No. Wrong.

        Perhaps people forget that you have claimed openly that the recently ousted House Democratic Leader designee who broke campaign laws was “doing good work,” and that somehow the vendors the party uses were “responsible for his downfall.” This is a canard, a selective reading of recent events to suit your own purposes.

        The ousted leader’s faction is working actively with the GOP to scuttle Medicaid reform and to pull the caucus away from traditional progressive positions. That you would protect them is mind blowing.


    2. Dems in 14 · ·

      You nailed it buddy!


  4. Also another point.

    You keep pushing this primary for Governor yet are unwilling to accept that some Democratic legislators need primaries. You told a little birdie recently paraphrasing “I do not think any Democrat in either chamber needs a primary.” This was after the majority of the House Democrats voted against Medicaid Expansion.
    It is a dangerous thing that so many look to this website for leadership rather than the party. You have a responsibility to be more responsible. This is not fun and games. People read this site and all you give them is slanted propaganda that serves certain trouble makers throughout the state.


    1. This was after the majority of the House Democrats voted against Medicaid Expansion.

      When was this vote? Last session all 44 Dems (at the time, now it is 45) voted for Medicaid Expansion.


  5. Floridian · ·

    JT does not get it.

    Democrats in vulnerable districts cannot vote against this budget.

    Period. End of story.


  6. JT is obviously a party staff person.


  7. This is a stupid debate. The issue is public education being underfunded. Would we all like to see Medicaid expanded? Yes. To assume those voting for the budget are against it is stupid.


  8. What were the full numbers? Just FEFP or FEFP+Non?


  9. Et tu Kartik??? · ·

    Not just one of the most conservative Dems ALL of them. He’s friendly with ALL the ones voting badly. That’s why he avoids talking about issues that divide the caucus instead focusing on the easy ones, vouchers, abortion, etc.


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