New comment policy on TFS

In the past several weeks  while our readership has increased dramatically, we have also been forced to delete about a dozen comments which have been nasty and personal in nature about members of the legislature, activists, FDP staff and even our writers. This will not be tolerated in the future.

Today we are instituting a new comment etiquette that people must follow or their IP address will be blocked and banned from the site.

Please keep all comments germane to the topic  at hand and DO NOT attack specific individuals unless it is based on facts or strongly based opinions.

Thank you for the continued patronage of TFS.


  1. Kartik, it is my understanding that each time you log on to a DSL carrier, you are assigned a new IP address. A better way might be to block email addrs, if possible. I see that we have to log in with our email addr. I know that people can use a new email, but at least it will be a warning to them, and an aggravation to create new logins.


    1. That might be a better idea actually. Thanks Bruce!


  2. demdaysi · ·

    How do I unsubscribe? I don’t see the link or icon.


    1. Check out the bottom of last email you got from us. Thanks for reading! Come back around sometime.


  3. Almost all media outlets now moderate their comments. This policy is along the line of social media nowadays, and for the better as well.


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