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Tony Bennett Controversy: Jeb Bush’s Dangerous Education Agenda

With the Tony Bennett news I wanted to write some analysis, but since I am very pressed for time today with other items, here is a piece from the last week of the 2013 session about Jeb Bush’s education agenda from a historical perspective. From May 1, 2013: Jeb Bush left the Governor’s office over …

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Old trial with Jeb Bush resurfaces

From the Tampa Bay Times…This issue regarding Bush could have been a major talking point in campaign 1998, but Buddy MacKay, a dignified and humble public servant the likes this state has rarely seen since choose not to drag the campaign into the mud. MacKay’s efforts to elevate the discourse by talking about issues and …

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PolitiFact rates FDP claim “false. ” Really?

I applaud the Florida Democratic Party for finally making the subject of cronyism and corruption in Florida an issue in statewide politics. For years, I have begged Democrats to make this the central issue of our state. A state where the GOP’s Soviet-styled control of every arm of state government. PolitiFact focuses on the claims …

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The Voting Rights Act and Florida: Historical challenges in light of the Supreme Court decision

Tuesday’s ill-advised and unfortunate Supreme Court decision regarding the voting rights act recalls the shameful specter of potential voter purges and racially motivated disenfranchisement that characterized Florida and the American South prior to 1965. While much of the caricature of the south during that era has been drawn in hindsight by a guilty northern-dominated press …

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Zest of the Day: Have Floridians Become Straight Ticket Voters?

Interesting analysis from Dave Trotter at “How the World Votes.” He hits some important voting trends in the state but also seems to ignore some other mitigating factors. Still a highly recommended read. I have noted more and more straight ticket voting in Florida since let’s say since the 1988 Election where George Bush got …

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Zest of the Day: Jeb Bush embraces non-traditional families and calls immigrants “more fertile.”

Jeb Bush has shook up the conservative movement with his speech yesterday where he discussed immigration policy and families. More from Time Magazine.

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Zest of the Day: Jeb Bush’s Disdain for Public Education

From the Washington Post.

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Jeb Bush’s failed education and political legacy: Florida can do better

Jeb Bush left the Governor’s office over six years ago, yet his influence continues to dominate the legislative agenda of the state GOP. This week’s  no vote on the “parent trigger” bill was just the latest salvo in a nearly two decade battle to save Florida’s schools from Jeb Bush’s political agenda.The death of parent …

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Jeb Bush’s desire to bust unions, not grassroots support pushing “school choice” on Republican lawmakers

As  the”parent trigger” debate has reminded us, the school “choice” movement is a well-funded, politically motivated campaign which falsifies organizational support and has failed to captivate the grassroots despite the spending of tens of millions of dollars on propaganda here in the state of Florida. After more than a decade and a half of endless …

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The Myth of Gun Control and Florida Voters Part III

Part I is available here Part II is available here With complete control of the state government, the Florida GOP was growing in arrogance and recklessness in the early 2000′s. The will of the voters clearly expressed by the Kendrick Meek -backed Class Size Amendment was quickly reversed by the majority of legislators while the …

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